Our story

The Alduaij family office has a long and glorious history in Kuwait as one of the most prominent and respected business forces. The Alduaij family business, Alea Global, has won several awards including The European Award, and the CEO Award two years running. Head of the family office, Mohammad Alduaij, has won the Man of the Year award for his work connecting other equally exciting and well-respected family offices around the world.

Through their networks, they have formed strong personal and professional relationships with other family offices across the globe, all sharing much common ground and a willingness to work together. 

Mohammad Alduaij, has been a conference speaker for the past 10 years, appearing at events all over the world. It was during his time touring the conference circuit that Mohammad first thought of bringing together his conference experience, and his special insight into the world’s most prestigious family offices. The result is a conference that unites family offices with each other, as well as giving businesses and entrepreneurs unprecedented access to this unique and powerful network.


About the summit

The summit is our second in LATAM after a successful first conference in 2019. 

A gathering of family offices, for the benefit of all involved, this is a non-commercial event. The topics discussed at the summit are highly relevant to the family offices of today, providing solutions for their problems. It’s also an opportunity for service providers to mingle with members of these family offices in an informal and productive environment. 

The summit has a unique range of valuable sessions that will help your family office to thrive, and will also help you to thrive both professionally and personally. Our own status as a family office also gives us a valuable insight into the priorities, needs and challenges of operating a family office, and means we can better address each of these in an effective way through our events. 

With a family office to delegate ratio of 70:30, the summit gives everyone the opportunity to meet and talk in an easy and informal way, and in a relaxed setting. 

We aim to fill the gap we have identified in the region, as there is a current lack of quality family office conference offering the combination of high level networking and wide ranging relevant topics we are able to provide.

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